As well as our specialist range of paints and coatings, we offer a wide selection of corrosion engineering services.

This includes everything from inspection, cleaning and manufacturing, to repair, refurbishment and support. When it comes to protection, we’re solid in our approach – and our performance.

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Agmec manufactures a range of specialist equipment developed for the surface preparation and coating industry.

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Coating Application

Advanced corrosion protection service based on the application of a range of high technology coatings and composites

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Composite Structural Rehabilitation System

Composite Structural Rehabilitation (CSR) uses a combination of the latest specialist coatings interlayered with GRP composite laminates to refurbish and give structural strength to pipework, at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of replacement.

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Corrosion Protection and Lining for Pipes

Corrocoat branches worldwide are instrumental in the protection of hundreds of kilometres of large and small-bore pipework each year, using Corrocoat materials developed specifically for application to pipe internals and externals deployed in even the most arduous conditions. Corrocoat provides established solutions for both metallic and concrete substrates, offering protection for new lengths of pipe […]

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Corrosion Protection for Butterfly Valves

Corrocoat is one of the few engineering companies in the UK with the capability to design and manufacture large bore butterfly valves to exacting specifications.

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Corrosion Protection for Pumps

The variety in nature of damage sustained by pumping equipment demands a comprehensive understanding of the design and operation of different pumps and systems in order to provide effective refurbishment and protection Corrocoat offers a comprehensive service for repair, refurbishment and protection, including specialist procedures for: Severe corrosion/erosion damage areas such as volutes, cutwaters and […]

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Corrosion Protection for Tanks and Vessels

Over the years we have provided long term protection for a wide range of tanks and vessels for storage, treatment, process and even road, rail and sea transport applications. As a result the company has developed expertise in the management of coating programmes from for tanks and vessels used in environments as diverse as sewage […]

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Inspection Services

As well as Corrocoat’s in-house training, we are able to offer its NACE/ICorr qualified coating inspectors.

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Established Contracting Division handling a full spectrum of applications.

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Prime Safe

Under the Prime Safe brand name, Corrocoat offers a range of tailored solutions, based on a composite coating system originally developed for the repair of large diameter storage tanks with holed floors.

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Pump Servicing and Monitoring

Corrocoat offers a comprehensive service for measuring pump efficiency and identifying the optimum moment for pump refurbishment or replacement.

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Research & Development

Corrocoat’s R&D division is constantly assessing new ways to solve new problems as well as achieving improved and more cost-effective ways of solving the old ones.

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Salt Test Kits & Chlor*Rid

Salt test kits and Chlor*Rid decontamination liquid are available from Corrocoat

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