Corrosion Protection for Pumps

The variety in nature of damage sustained by pumping equipment demands a comprehensive understanding of the design and operation of different pumps and systems in order to provide effective refurbishment and protection

Corrocoat offers a comprehensive service for repair, refurbishment and protection, including specialist procedures for:

  • Severe corrosion/erosion damage areas such as volutes, cutwaters and neck rings
  • Reprofiling of water passages
  • Making good deep pitting and porosity in pump casings
  • Coating machined areas such as neck ring joints
  • Returning coated components to original tolerances, facilitating the return of good pumping efficiency
  • Sophisticated mechanical engineering capabilities including the re-manufacture of impellers and the manufacture of shafts
  • Metal stitching and laminating techniques


Corrocoat pioneered the field of R&D into coatings designed to maximise the performance and efficiency of pumping installations with the development of the Fluiglide system, now used worldwide to achieve notable and sustained increases inefficiency levels.

Our dedicated pump division offers customers a comprehensive service covering refurbishment, re-manufacture, modification, coating and improved efficiency to many types of pumps. The bespoke nature enables us to respond to individual requirements and our ability to provide equipment quickly and to budget are key elements in the all-round service we offer. 

Every pump is returned with its own completion pack, giving assurance to the client that the work has been carried out to the highest standard.

  • Site removal and transportation
  • Full strip down reports, if requested
  • Machining facilities
  • Hydrostatic test facilities
  • Reverse engineering of parts
  • Replacement of components
  • Refurbishment of mechanical seals
  • Shaft reclamation and in-house dynamic balancing of rotating components
  • Re-installation if requested
  • Lifting capacity of 20 tonnes
  • Design modification work undertaken
  • Corrosion protection coating application
  • Fluiglide energy-saving  coating system
  • Service agreements


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