About Us

For over 40 years our products have led the way in the industry. Right across the world, our extensive range has made Corrocoat the most reliable name in anti-corrosion coatings.

We offer genuine value-for-money by helping to protect your equipment and structures – prolonging its lifespan.

As well as our fantastic products, we can provide an industry-leading range of corrosion protection and engineering services as our sister company, Corroserve.

We’re also committed to research and development. Our team at Corrolabs works relentlessly to find new and innovative ways to save our customers more from the fields of protective maintenance and beyond.

Whatever the industrial sector, and whatever the application, we’ve got a bespoke product and a specific set of skills to help. Corrocoat, Corroserve and Corrolabs work in harmony to provide corrosion engineering and long-term protection to all.

About Us

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