Agmec surface preparation and spraying equipment

Agmec manufactures a range of specialist equipment developed for the surface preparation and coating industry. Products available include:

Internal pipe blasting and spray equipment

  • Developed to gritblast/coat pipe internals from 100mm-2000mm bore
  • Constant speed winch draws equipment through lengths of pipe up to 100m long, and from 150mm to 1.2m in diameter to be coated in one pass.
  • The Mini Pipe Sprayer allows smaller diameter pipe internals to be coated, from 100mm to 300mm.
  • Savings are significant and in many cases pipework can be blasted and coated in-situ, without the need for expensive excavation and disassembly.

Hoggajet jet pump

  • Developed to clean and remove spent blasting abrasive, incorporating an air wash abrasive cleaner and separator
  • Lightweight and extremely reliable
  • Capable of moving circa five tons of spent abrasive
  • Air powered – safe for use in wet environments and with electrostatically-bonded flammable atmospheres
  • Used extensively on offshore platforms and for use at sea
  • Used in the foundry industry to clean foundry sand around machines
  • Used in the marine industry to clean out residues in bulk carrier holds
  • Used in the injection moulding industry to clean up prills and plastic beads

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