Pump Servicing and Monitoring

Through rigorous analysis of our diagnostic and monitoring services, we can identify significant long-term cost-saving opportunities for pump operators. We provide comprehensive pump repair and pump servicing solutions.

Pump monitoring

We use the latest thermodynamic pump monitoring equipment Calibrated and certified by the Yamari Standard Laboratory in accordance with relevant Japanese standards, to monitor the performance of any Class C industrial centrifugal pump over its long working life.  Class C is the degree of accuracy of the test for centrifugal pumps to ISO 5198 (formerly ISO 2548). Due to the mathematical equations designed into the software, such as the Affinity law equation of flow, only centrifugal pumps can be tested by this method.

The latest Thermodynamic Pump Monitoring (TPM) equipment measures pressure, temperature and power input. This information is then used to calculate flow, which eliminates the need for a flow meter. As a result, tests can be carried out on equipment with only short lengths of straight pipe at the suction and discharge (2 x diameters). Conventional testing methods require at least  5 x diameter lengths of straight pipe.

A completed TPM Data sheet is provided to the pump user and this can be compared against the OEM test results when the pump was new. A report is also issued showing what efficiency gains can be expected following manipulation of the impeller and after the application of an energy saving protective coating,

We offer a comprehensive service for measuring pump efficiency thereby identifying the optimum moment for pump refurbishment or replacement. Our service combines the advantage of the Thermodynamic Technique Analysis and The Proactive Maintenance Service

  • Pump Performance Testing
  • Thermodynamic Dynamic Pump Monitoring
  • Turbine Performance Testing
  • System Analysis
  • Energy Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Proactive Maintenance Service
  • Fluiglide Coating System
  • Pump Repair and Pump Servicing

Vibration diagnosis

A vibration test and sound readings are also taken to check for rotor imbalance, bearing wear and cavitation. You can then make informed decisions about refurbishment and the optimum time for any work to be carried out. Practical Diagnosis and Life Prediction. Portable MD can measure the acceleration, velocity and displacement of rotating machines. Maintenance and electricity costs are greatly decreased under our diagnostic service. The financial investment in testing will be quickly recovered in savings made by reduced energy costs from running a more efficient pump.


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