Welcome to Corrocoat, the products side of our coatings business. Together with Corroserve and Corrolabs, we are part of the Corrosioneering Group providing corrosion protection solutions around the world.

Since 1974, Corrocoat has led the way in anti-corrosion coatings. Our products have helped protect all kinds of industrial giants – some of the biggest names operating in power generation, oil and gas and petrochemical industries – from the harmful effects of corrosion.

We operate from more than thirty locations across five continents. And it’s from this unique position that we offer genuine value-for-money, helping to protect and prolong the lifespan of industrial metals, machinery, structures, and equipment.

At Corrocoat, we save our customers from expensive replacement costs. From traditional paints that repair and maintain, to unique glass flake coatings which excel in advanced corrosion protection.

Whatever the industrial sector, and whatever the application, we have a bespoke product and a specific set of skills to help. With a blend of high-grade solutions and highly-technical expertise, we’re proud to provide corrosion engineering and long-term corrosion protection to all..

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