Corrosion Protection and Lining for Pipes

Corrocoat - internal and external corrosion protection for pipework

Corrocoat branches worldwide are instrumental in the protection of hundreds of kilometres of large and small-bore pipework each year, using Corrocoat materials developed specifically for application to pipe internals and externals deployed in even the most arduous conditions.

Corrocoat provides established solutions for both metallic and concrete substrates, offering protection for new lengths of pipe prior to and during installation as well as refurbishment options for existing pipework.

We have focused Research and Development investment on solving specific problems incurred when coating pipework, achieving correct dry film thickness and homogeneity throughout the length of the pipe spool.

Corrocoat utilises a range of specialist application techniques, ranging from pipe rolling rigs through to advanced down-pipe blasting and coating equipment, offering high quality finishes combined with fast turnaround and reduced downtime. We have developed two additional methods of coating the internal surfaces of pipes. As a result, improved pipe coating can now be achieved using almost all of the materials within our coating range. However, each method requires its own handling techniques and our Technical Department are always on hand to offer advice on the best material for each service environment.

When the appropriate coating material has been selected, the feasible pipe configurations can then be determined, bearing in mind the application method of the particular material. Long straight lengths up to 15 metres can be accommodated on a pipe rolling rig, whilst even longer lengths can be treated by using our specialist pipe spraying equipment.

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