A Complete Service for Pump Service Repair and Protection

Posted On : Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 in News

Established in 1975, Corrocoat Corrosioneering started specialist pump repairs shortly afterwards and since then it has grown in size and stature to its present day position as a world leader, with the skills and facilities to repair and corrosion protect the largest of pumps.

Don't scrap when you can repair

Our dedicated Pump Division offers customers a comprehensive service covering refurbishment, re-manufacture, modification and coating for corrosion protection of many types of pumps.

The bespoke nature of the service enables us to respond to individual customer requirements and our ability to provide equipment quickly and to budget are key elements in the service offered to customers.

Considered to be world class, Corrocoat Corrosioneering is based in the UK but has a network of over 30 facilities worldwide. Our list of clients includes some of the world’s most respected companies operating in fields as diverse as: mining, oil & gas, chemicals, power generation, waste & water, pulp & paper and marine.

Providing excellent long term performance, Corrocoat Corrosioneering’s ability to combine mechanical engineering with advanced polymer technology allows even severely damaged pumps to be refurbished at a fraction of the replacement cost, often without expensive replacement parts.

The use of our advanced materials can prevent the need for expensive metallurgical solutions on new pumps, and substantial efficiency improvements can be achieved by utilising the Fluiglide range of materials.

All pumps & pump parts are repaired where possible in accordance with ISO standards or better, with upgrades in materials and tightening of tolerances to improve pump life, efficiency and performance. Many of these pumps are protected against corrosion using Corrocoat’s tried and tested coatings – the selection of which is dependant on the service environment.


Every refurbished pump is returned to the customer with its own ‘Completion Pack’ giving assurance to the client that the work has been carried out to the highest standard. This pack contains: performance test data, an internal hydrostatic test certificate and mill certificates for material traceability (if required). Details of all work carried out with relevant photographs are also included.

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