Pump Refurbishment and Restoration

Posted On : Thursday, July 28th, 2022 in News

Protection for Corroded SW Impeller

BHM Engg Services PTE Ltd are our exclusive distributors and specialist applicators in Singapore. They have recently undertaken several projects working on the refurbishment and restoration of pumps for a couple of clients in  marine industry. These clients chose to save substantial costs by repairing their pumps with composite material, as opposed to replacing them with the purchase of entirely new equipment.

All work was carried out in the workshop by brush application, using Polyglass Standard; a two pack cold cured polyester/acrylic co-polymer enhanced with glassflake. They are now looking forward to an extended life.

Protection for corroded SW Impeller


Polyglass VE for split pump refurbishment

A client operating in the process industry previously had a pump coated by another supplier, which had suffered chemical attack as a result of corrosion.  The pump unit was refurbished and coated with Polyglass VE: a cold cured glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer, which offers superior resistance to chemical attack from equipment used in an immersed environment.


Polyglass VE for split pump refurbishment


Find out more on how we can repair your pump and provide long term corrosion protection, here.

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