Extending Life Span of Chlorine Gas Piping

Posted On : Tuesday, July 5th, 2022 in News

Corrocoat Japan were previously contacted by a client, to provide a suitable coating for the internals of a pipe. The pipes would operate in a chlorine gas atmosphere at 200°c. Due to the high cost of metals suitable for this environment, a lining system was preferred and offered by Corrocoat Japan. Following a successful 1 year trial in operation, the client provided 2 more pipes to be lined.


The team selected Corrothane XT; a three-pack cold cured vinyl ester-urethane polymer alloy with glassflake, to protect the pipes. Corrothane XT offers excellent heat and chemical resistance. A resistance of 160°C in a liquid environment. It also provides protection in an atmospheric environment (up to 260°C). The coating system has been widely adopted as a countermeasure in high temperature and high corrosion environments. The team predict the coating performance will still be in good working condition for more than 5 years in this environment.

Corrocoat Japan - extending life span of chlorine gas piping

Find out more about the protection we can provide for new lengths of pipe prior to and during installation as well as refurbishment options for existing pipework, here

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