Zipping Along Ahead of Schedule

Posted On : Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021 in News

Corrocoat Caspian was asked by Tengizchevroil – a Chevron subsidiary, to internally line four 10,000m3 tanks used to hold river water required in the production process. Tengizchevroil operates the huge Tengiz oilfield in western Kazakhstan.

Strict time constraints meant the work needed to be completed quickly. In order to achieve this, Corrocoat Caspian used two teams of 14 people working on both day and night shifts. In total, an area of approximately 16,000m2 was coated with Corrocoat ZIP E. This material is an epoxy glassflake coating, intended for a single coat application and was specified for this project because of its excellent application characteristics and durable single coat protection in aggressive atmospheric conditions.

The work was completed one month ahead of schedule, needless to say  Tengizchevroil were extremely impressed with the quality of the work and of course the early completion date.

We are proud, along with our international partners, to work with many multi-national oil and gas companies, providing advanced glassflake linings and a range of products and services for their pipes, pumps, vessels and tanks.

Internal lining of tanks used to hold river water


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