Water Pipes Recoated After 21 Years

Posted On : Thursday, April 19th, 2018 in News

Black Point Power Station is located in the New Territories region of Hong Kong and is one of the world’s largest gas-fired combined-cycle power stations. Corrocoat Asia, based in Hong Kong, was contracted to inspect, repair and recoat the internal surfaces of eight auxiliary cooling water pipes which are used to convey seawater from pumps to a heat exchanger. The pipes were coated with Polyglass 100 when they were first installed in 1996 and have been in constant use since then.

The pipe internals were sweep blast cleaned to highlight areas where the coating had been damaged and a single coat of Polyglass 100 applied directly to the prepared surface, at 850µm. It is testimony to the excellent properties of the coating that only after 21 years of application was it found necessary to carry out repairs.

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