New Corrocoat Underwater Repair and Coating System

Posted On : Monday, August 12th, 2019 in News

Corrocoat has launched a new underwater repair system designed for use on submerged surfaces such as structural steelwork, pilings, jetties. Based upon the well-established Plasmet range of products, the system is both fresh and marine water tolerant. The system is designed to be applied and cure whilst immersed.

The underwater repair system comprises: Plasmet UWP – an epoxy glass flake putty, Plasmet UWL – an epoxy laminate for application with glass fibre matting and Plasmet UWT – an epoxy glass flake topcoat.

Plasmet UWP is designed for ease of use and can be applied by trowel or by diver’s glove for localised repair. After 24 hours the putty can be over-coated with Plasmet UWL to provide additional reinforcement to the repair if required. The laminate is tolerant of water and will cure in six hours after which a final top coat of Plasmet UWT can be applied.

Repairs to underwater systems can be completed without the necessity for outages to replace damaged infrastructure. The system allows for immediate works to be carried out, without having to wait for spares to arrive on-site, meaning significant saving can be realized by avoiding downtime costs and loss in production.

All three coatings in the system exhibit excellent wet adhesion in excess of 9.5 MPa and have a cathodic disbondment rate of less than 1mm.  Displaying exceptional salt spray resistance this system is ideal for use in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, marine, renewables, ports and water and waste where repair work is required in constantly submerged or tidal situations.

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