Turnkey Solution for Protection of Concrete Containment Floor

Posted On : Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 in News


Corrocoat USA was recently contacted by a general contractor that constructed a sodium hypochlorite containment for Florida’s largest community-owned electric utility company, serving more than 1 million Northeast Florida residents with electric, water, sewer and reclaimed water services.

The containment required a lining for the concrete floor that met 3 requirements:

  1. The manufacture of the material had to be approved by the utility company. 
  2. The material had to also be approved by Florida Department of Environmental Protection for lining of sodium hypochlorite tanks.
  3. The installation came with a 5-year material warranty from the installer and a 5-year labour warranty from the applicator.

As a result of the turnkey nature of the business and ability to provide the required 5-year warranty, Corrocoat USA were chosen for the project.

The surface was first wet abrasive blasted with Chlor*Rid to removal salts and remove laitance. It was then primed with Plasmet ECP; a high-solids, low viscosity, two or three-pack epoxy primer, used to prepare concrete surfaces that are damp, or where levels of moisture are approaching the saturation point of concrete.

Once the primer had cured, the surface was graded towards the sump using Corrocoat Zip E screed; an epoxy glassflake coating with additional fillers, which provides cost-effective, durable protection in aggressive atmospheric conditions and aquatic immersion environments. It has excellent application characteristics, in single applications.

Following cure of Zip E Screed, all transitions and 100% of the sump area were laminated using Corrocoat Epoxy Laminating Resin and fiberglass matting. The surface was abraded to remove nibs and cleaned, then Plasmet AR3 was applied at 48-60 mils DFT, to provide the required protection.

Following the success of the project, Corrocoat USA has completed a second containment for the same contractor, and has a 3rd awaiting approval.

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