Succesful track record helps vietmanese licencee with steel piping contract

Posted On : Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 in News

Our licensee in Vietnam, VGCE, is currently completing a large steel pipe coating project for the Cambodian Water Department at its Mekong River Water Treatment Plant at Phnom Penh.

The project includes the coating of 2 x 100m of 1.65m diameter intake pipes; the pipes are being fabricated at the client’s designated fabrication company’s premises in Vietnam and then coated by VGCE before being transported by road to the WTP site.

Once on site VGCE will install a rail track and bogie system so that the pipe sections can be welded together and the final coating applied. VGCE have also been awarded the contract to install the intake pipes; this will be carried out by floating the completed pipe sections down the Mekong River on tug boats. Barges and cranes will then be used to position the pipes and divers will connect them to the land-side pipework.

The client selected Corrocoat VEF, Biofoul and Zip-E due to their outstanding track record on this type of work. VGCE’s ability to apply the coatings efficiently and cost-effectively was also a key issue in the decision making process.

VGCE has also tendered for other pipework coating contracts for the Cambodian Water Department and is building up a mutually rewarding relationship with this client.

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