Ship Ahoy!

Posted On : Thursday, November 4th, 2021 in News

Corrocoat Benelux was commissioned to apply a protective coating to five storage vessels on a newly constructed inland cargo vessel. The work was secured as Corrocoat Benelux had a proven track record, having completed similar work for the same client previously. Polyglass VEF had proved to be more resistant to the medium being carried – phosphoric acid 54% and sillicofluorohydroic acid – that the original material.

Due to construction delays the start date was pushed back by six months. Nonetheless Corrocoat Benelux remained flexible and through good planning were able to organise their workforce in line with client’s requirements.

Corrocoat’s team worked with Muehlhan who completed the grit blasting work employing their own ship which came alongside the vessel to be worked on. Polyglass VEF was specified at a thickness of 1000µm over the entire 2800mcoated area. Tests showed that Corrocoat Benelux’s experienced sprayers achieved this without over-applying. They did an amazing job, staying within anticipated material usage.

The project was successfully completed and the storage vessels can expect an extended service life carrying industrial chemicals along the inland waterways of Holland and the low countries.

Protective coating for five storage vessels

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