Roof Refurbishment of Resin Plant Process Water Treatment Tank

Posted On : Thursday, March 24th, 2022 in News

The external of a large process tank at a resin plant was previously blasted and coated by a competitor in the US. Three months after completion, the client found that the contractor had blasted hundreds of holes in the roof of the tank and had just painted over them. This allowed rainwater to contaminate the contents of the tank. When confronted, the contractor advised that their scope of work did not include filling holes. In desperate need of a solution, the client turned to Corrocoat USA.


The team in the US vapour blasted the existing coating to achieve a commercial blast consistent with SSPC SP6. The surface was then primed with Plasmet ZF (red) ahead of using Epoxy Laminating Resin and quadriaxial fiberglass mat to laminate a composite fiberglass layer across the entire tank roof.  The team then chose a suitable polyurethane topcoat to offer UV protection in a colour that matched the remainder of the tank.


                Process water treatment tank 1  corrosion protection for Process water treatment tank

The client was extremely impressed with the final result and the quality assurance and will continue to work with Corrocoat US on future projects.

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