Road Tanker Internal Repair

Posted On : Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 in News

Al-Sabaiea, our partners in Kuwait recently worked on a project to restore and protect a tanker for a client operating in the oil and gas industry. The tanker was used to mix and transport strong Hydrochloric acid for upstream oilfield services, to and from site.

The previous coating on the tank had suffered chemical attack and upon visual inspection, the team discovered that the internal pipes and body of the tank had started to severely corrode. One of the internal pipes had multiple holes causing leakage, which meant it was no longer functional.

The team used a composite repair technique utilising quadraxial laminating cloth 610g/m2 over the external of the pipe, wetted out with Corroglass 600 laminating resin to restore the damage. Corrofill VE was then used to level the surface of the pipe back to its original thickness. Corrofill was also used to restore some of the other pipes in the tanker (which were still in a good working order and required little repair), back to their original condition.

After the pipes were restored, the team used Polyglass VEF to provide corrosion protection for the rest of tanker and Polyglass VE Veilcoat to finish.

Severe corroding of internal pipes and body of the tank



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