Repair for Tank Suffering Severe Corrosion

Posted On : Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 in News

Our partners at Corrocoat Benelux, recently worked on a project to repair a secondary settling tank, which was suffering from severe corrosion. The tank, which had its last inspection over 10 years ago, had been in service at a petrochemical plant, and was in much need of repair, having been subjected to waste sludge.

Following an on-site inspection, during an outage, it was discovered that the 2 outer shells, which were 2.4 metres high, with a diameter spanning 4.5 metres, were severely corroded.

Settling tank before Corrocoat repair    Settling tank before Corrocoat repair 2

Before transportation to the Corrocoat workshop, the skirt of the tank was dismantled by the Corrocoat team, to allow for easier transportation and repair. Upon arrival, the shells were abrasive blasted, before Corroglass 632 was applied  to prime the substrate. Fibre glass matting was then applied to the damaged areas, ahead of 2 layers of Polyglass VEF.


The client was extremely impressed with the finished result, and the team are confident the protective coating would exceed a further 10 years in service.

Settling tank following Corrocoat repair

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