Refurbishment and Protection of Sewage Tank from Wastewater Chemical Attack

Posted On : Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 in News

An international marine client recently commissioned our partners in Singapore, BHM Engg Services, to refurbish and provide corrosion protection for a badly corroded sewage tank. The tank had been in service around 2 ½ years and the client requested an alternative to an epoxy paint system which had already failed having suffered from chemical attack.

Polyglass Standard; a two-pack cold cured polyester/acrylic co-polymer enhanced with flaked glass, was selected for this project. Polyglass performs extremely well in immersion environments such as marine, aqueous and corrosive chemical environments.

The team began by removing the original coating and then pressure washing the tank at their workshop. It was then grit blasted before the new coating system was applied by airless spray and brush application.

The client was extremely happy with the results and the BHM team were commissioned to refurbish and provide protection for a second tank.

Sewage tank image

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