Protection of New Build Flue Gas Desulfurization Unit

Posted On : Wednesday, July 13th, 2022 in News

Corrotech, our Czech partners, recently worked on a project to provide corrosion protection for the internals of a new 450m² carbon steel flue gas desulfurization unit at a coal power plant. This was for a leading provider of innovative technology and solutions, for the energy sector.

Although new, numerous substrate defects were detected on the internal surfaces following abrasive blasting to cleanliness Sa2. These were immediately repaired ahead of  a second round of blasting to Sa2 ½.

Corrotech - Blasting

Due to the size of the unit and the complexity of working around multiple connections, openings, manholes and beams, the internals were split in to 9 application phases. Each phase was treated separately and then connected to the next phase.


Each phase was primed with Polyglass PPA/PPV before the application of Polyglass VEF as a corrosion barrier. All corners were rounded off to a 6mm minimum radius by Corrofill VE. This  relieved  stress areas before lamination commenced with LR600 and multiaxial cloth 600g/m². Six layers were applied in total with Polyglass VEF WR being applied as an  abrasion resistant barrier, and completing the final stage of the coating process.

Corrotech - Laminating

The team exercised excellent planning and execution. They reached maximum overcoating between each layer and completed the project within the agreed timescale.

Corrotech - Coating application

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