Protection for the Power Generation Industry

Posted On : Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 in News

Our Czech partners, Corrotech, as part of their ongoing relationship with customers in the power generation industry, were approached to provide corrosion abrasion protection for two flue gas ducts.

Each carbon steel duct was 630 m2 and required the removal of coarse sediments as well as previous coatings and the decontamination of soluble salts from the surface. Following the first stage, surface preparation to ISO 8501-1 with cleanliness Sa 2½, an application of primer Polyglass PPA (our peroxide catalysed, glass flake polyester primer) was applied. This primer was selected provide sufficient time for the internals of each duct to be blasted and then coated.

Stripe coating of Polyglass VEHA was then carried out, with Corrofill VE being used with the paint system to compensate for the unevenness and profiling of all welds. Lamination Resin 600 and Quadraxial fibreglass cloth 600g/ m2 were then applied to the whole surface, covering the fixtures and fittings of the internal surfaces and offering reinforcement of the inner sides of any manways.

The ducts were finished with an application of abrasion barrier Polyglass VEFWR and quality assurance procedures were completed as per the designed inspection and test plan. This project was carried out alongside another job on site to repair and protect an absorber ABS 1, and was completed by 4 engineers over a period of 8 days.

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