Protection for Equipment Destined for European Salt Plant

Posted On : Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022 in News

Our partners at Corrocoat Benelux won a contract with a client specialising in the construction industry to coat ten new large bore pipes and four cooling water tanks, including the tank inserts.

The equipment was destined for a large salt plant in Europe, where the pipes would be used to transport brine and the tanks would be used to store cooling water.  The internals of the pipe pieces and tanks were coated with Polyglass VEF at a minimum thickness of 1200µm and a general paint system at a thickness of 340-400µm was used for the externals.

Due to the large size of the pipe pieces and tanks, overhead cranes, a forklift truck and a lorry were used to transport the equipment throughout the workshop for the work to be carried out, whilst a pipe sprayer was used to apply the coating on the inside of pipes and ensure an even layer of coating.

The whole project was carried out within the requested delivery time to the full satisfaction of the customer. Throughout the process, various steps were witnessed by an independent NACE surveryor, hired by Corrocoat Benelux to reassure the client that all of their requirements had been met.

Corrocoat Benelux coat 10 new large bore pipes - before image       Corrocoat Benelux coat 10 new large bore pipes - during process     Corrocoat Benelux coat 10 new large bore pipes - after

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