Powering up in Indonesia

Posted On : Thursday, August 19th, 2021 in News

Over the past two years, Corrocoat Indonesia has been working at two coal fired power stations located in Pacitan City in east Java. Both 315 megawatt (mw) power stations required work on the inlet/outlet tube sheet condensers, which were suffering from leaks on the welded joints of the titanium tubes. This damage was affecting the efficiency of the heat transfer and allowing steam to escape.

Corrocoat Indonesia recommended coating the affected tubes – a total surface area of 120m2 – with Plasmet HTE at 1000-1500μm DFT. HTE contains stainless steel flakes, glass flakes and silicon carbide, making it the ideal choice for areas requiring abrasion resistance.

The projects were completed over a period of 30 days, during which other jobs were completed including lining a vertical lift circulating water pump and an oil tank.

The successful completion of the works created a great deal of awareness in the industry especially with other coal fired power station operators. This raised profile resulted in Corrocoat Indonesia being contracted to complete a similar job at another coal fired power station in Java and it is anticipated that another contract at a 4,025 mw coal-fired power complex in Banten Province, Indonesia, will happen as a result.

Powering up Indonesia

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