Plasmet ZF and ZE Protecting Equipment at Fertilizer Plant

Posted On : Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 in News

As the name would suggest, Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers in the state of Karnataka, India manufactures fertilizers, potash and other products which are used by farmers across southern India.

Many of the products are highly corrosive and this, combined with a saline atmosphere encourages severe corrosive conditions and as a result key parts of the plant have to be fully protected to keep them operating at maximum efficiency and to prevent premature failure and product contamination.

As part of the plant’s maintenance programme Kirloskar Corrocoat Private Ltd (KCPL) were selected to apply a protective coating system to the plant’s conveyor steelwork. Selecting the best system is critical to ensure the extended life of the conveyor structure, so KCPL engineers recommended the application of a single coat of Plasmet ZF at 175 µm followed by a final coat of Plasmet ZE at 275 µm to achieve a final DFT of 450 µm. This combination would ensure that the finished coating would be durable, chemical and abrasion resistant and provide effective long-term protection.

The work was carried out during a planned maintenance shut down and was completed safely, on schedule and within budget.

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