Overcoming Logistical Challenge of Protection for Enormous Compressor Housing Unit

Posted On : Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 in News

Our partners in the Netherlands, Corrocoat Benelux, recently won a contract with a multinational company that provides mission-critical flow creation products and industrial solutions, to provide corrosion protection for a compressor housing unit from the automotive industry.

Following 8 years in service, the epoxy coating in the internal cooling water area became detached, causing a leakage in the cooling water area to the air section. Having started refurbishment of centrifugal compressor housings in 1999, Corrocoat Benelux have seen hundreds. However, unbeknown to the team, this would be the largest housing they would work on to date, with the unit weighing an enormous 13 ton. Upon arrival to the workshop  the team approached a logistical challenge getting the unit offloaded and ready to begin the repair work. The overhead crane onsite was only capable of lifting 6 ton, so the team arranged for a mobile crane to move the housing unit. With a tight schedule of just two weeks given to complete the work, the coating team didn’t disappoint working around the clock to ensure that the job was completed to the client’s satisfaction.

The team sandblasted the housing internal and external before applying the Corroglass 600 series internally, with the the externals being coated with Plasmet ZF and a top coat of AP1.


Compressor housing unit - before     Compressor housing unit - after

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