On Site Pipe Coating for new Power Generation Project in South India

Posted On : Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 in News

Kirloskar Corrocoat Private Ltd (KCPL) has been operating in India since 1993 using Corrocoat’s world-leading specialist anti-corrosion coating systems to protect all manner of infrastructure and customers assets in many different industry sectors.

Earlier this year KCPL, was asked to provide corrosion protection for large bore cold water inlet and outlet pipes for the Tangedco Ennore Power Project, a Government Power Project being implemented in South India. Polyglass 100, a coating developed specifically for immersed marine conditions, was specified to provide excellent corrosion protection against the corrosive threat carried by the seawater the pipes would be carryings when installed in the new plant.

KCPL was required to complete the work at the pipe manufacturer’s facilities across India including 2 pipe mills in West India and at 3 further sites In South India. Some pipe sections had to be transported by road over 2300km to the required plant locations. The project proved a test of organisational and scheduling skills to get the application teams on site as and when they were required.

The internals surfaces of the 1.3m and 1.5m diameter pipes were prepared by abrasive blast cleaning to Sa2½ to provide the required surface profile before Polyglass 100 was applied by airless spray in multiple coats to achieve a DFT of 1000µm. When the coating process was complete, spark testing was carried out to identify any pinholes or holidays in the coating surface and to ensure the quality of the final work.

After the pipes were coated they were welded together and erected on-site in final positions where the KCPL teams abrasive blasted and then coated the welded joints in-situ to ensure the continuity of the Polyglass 100 coating system throughout the pipeline.

The project was completed over a period of 6 months by a coating and application team of 20 KCPL personnel across India. In total, an incredible 51,100 sqm of internal pipe surface was corrosion protected with Polyglass 100 – quite an achievement.

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