New Trials for Fibrecoat

Posted On : Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 in News

Corrocoat Fibrecoat is a glass fibre reinforced vinyl ester glass-flake coating, developed for use as a high performance lining and rehabilitation material for thinned/corroded pipes, and where additional properties are required.

Designed to be applied by Corrocoat Agmec Airless spray equipment, recent modification to the Agmec small bore pipe sprayer, now allows the material to be successfully applied in pipe diameters down to only 150mm in diameter.

Trials also showed that small holes can be successfully covered and sealed using only two coats of Fibrecoat.

The new equipment will allow smaller bore pipework to be fully refurbished without the need for expensive excavation and disassembly, generating significant savings in cost and time.

The product has great structural properties, and for a severely damaged pipe, Fibrecoat will create a pipe within a pipe.


System Benefits: 

  • High performance vinyl ester pipe lining containing both glassfibre and glassflake.
  • Rehabilitation and lining for thinned and corroded pipes
  • Provides additional tensile strength
  • Highly abrasion resistant, suitable for pipes carrying solids such as sewage works
  • Can be applied in a single pass up to 3000 microns per coat, saving time on curing between multiple coats
  • Airless spray application by Agmec pipe sprayer on pipes between 6-24 inch in diameter and on pipe runs up to 100m.
  • Expensive excavation and disassembly of pieces avoided. In many cases pipes can be grit blasted and coated in situ, meaning substantial cost and timesaving and less downtime.


Corrocoat Fibre coat.

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