Long Term Protection of Sour Water Tank

Posted On : Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 in News

Our Belarus operation – LLC Corrocoat AKZ, has recently completed a contract to repair and corrosion protect leaking welds on a sour water tank for Mosenergo, the largest regional power generating company in Russia.

The customer was looking for a company who could: apply a coating system guaranteed to provide long-term protection and leakage protection; offer a turn-key solution and meet a tight time frame. As Corrocoat was the only company to meet these conditions, the contract was awarded to them.

The tank internal and manway were blast cleaned to ISO 8501-1 SA 2½. All corrosion pits were filled with Corroglass 602, 610 g/m2 multidirectional laminating cloth was applied to welds and corners, followed by a build coat of Polyglass VEF at dft of 600 µm. Finally, a second coat of Polyglass VEF was applied at total dft of 600 µm.

The customer was impressed with the quality of the finished job, and even though this was the first contract carried out for Mosenergo, Corrocoat AKZ immediately received a follow-on project to apply a coating to the inside surfaces of a hydrochloric acid storage tank.

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