Leakage Prevention for Open Drain Caisson

Posted On : Tuesday, August 29th, 2023 in News

One of the largest and most competitive engineering, procurement, construction and installation contractors of offshore oil and gas projects in the Asia-Pacific region, recently approached our partners in China, to provide leakage prevention for an open drain caisson.

With leakages being a very common problem with this type of equipment, the client had considered repairing the issue as and when it would happen, using diving and injection repair. This approach is fairly common, but is expensive and may cause environmental consequences, with leakage of hazardous material to the sea.

The client decided providing leakage prevention for the open drain caisson; protecting the 52-metre long piece of equipment, and extending its service life form the start, with Corrocoat, was the best and most viable option. As part of the project the client commissioned the team to also protect the internals of an attachment pipeline, which was to be inserted in the caisson.

The team completed the project on-site and selected Polyglass VEF to line the caisson internals, via spray application. The pipe internals were also coated with Polyglass VEF, after first being split in to 2 sections. Once cured, the client welded the pipe sections back together, and a total of 10 pipes were inserted in to the caisson.

When in position, the team re-prepared the field fit weld area and coated over the weld joints with Polyglass VEF to complete the corrosion protection. The conditions in the caisson to complete the final stages of the project were very challenging, with a restrictive workspace as a result of the diameter of the caisson and the inserted pipes.

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