It’s all taking off in Kuwait

Posted On : Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 in News

The Al-Sabaiea Group is the sole distributor and applicator for Corrocoat in the State of Kuwait. Despite only marketing Corrocoat products since February of this year, Al-Sabaiea has already successfully completed many contracts with major operators in the oil, gas, and support industries. These have included over 30 separate coating projects for multi-national American company Halliburton Overseas Ltd.

Typical of the work undertaken with Halliburton have been contracts for the internal coating of acid tankers, the total refurbishment of centrifugal pumps, and the interior coating of pipe spools and condensers.

For the acid tankers contract, Al-Sieba grit blasted the internals to ISO 8501 – cleanliness Standard SA 2 ½, then applied Polyglass VEF to a dft of 1500 microns. The coating thickness was checked by spark testing at 19Kv.

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