Corrotech Wins Contracts in the Czech Republic

Posted On : Sunday, May 10th, 2015 in News

One of our latest licensed partners – CorroTech in the Czech Republic is winning contracts in a variety of markets – their expertise and proven Corrocoat products proving to be deciding factors in clinching orders. Here are two recent examples.


Operating an electric power generator produces large amounts of heat that must be removed to maintain efficiency. The use of hydrogen is an effective way to cool the generator and allow power plant operators to produce more megawatts out of a smaller generator.

The problem is, hydrogen can be dangerous so to ensure maximum safety and equipment efficiency regular maintenance of all components is vital. As part of a planned maintenance programme CorroTech were contracted to refurbish the hydrogen cooling coils.

Carrying out the work in its own workshops, the coils were first degreased, then high pressure water hosed, before being blast cleaned to standard Sa 2½ with a sharp-edged surface profile corresponding to Rugotest No. 3,BN9a. The external surfaces, some 15002m in all, were then coated with Polyglass VE to a dft of 1500 µm. Polyglass VE – a two-pack, cold cured epoxy vinyl ester material is ideal for this application, offering high resistance to chemical attack at the elevated temperatures found in a cooling tank.


CorroTech has also successfully completed the anti-corrosion coating of 10 sterilisation tanks. Following degreasing, high pressure water hosing, and blast cleaning to Sa 2½ standard, two coats of Corrothane XT were applied to produce a dft of 1200 µm. In all some 250m2 was coated. Pioneered by our expertise in glass flake manufacturing, Corrothane XT is a three-pack cold cured epoxy vinyl ester urethane material which can be used on a wide range of substrates in both immersed and non-immersed service.

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