Corrosion protection for Qatar’s sole distribution system owner and operator for electricity and water.

Posted On : Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 in News

The sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator for the electricity and water sector in Qatar, recently required internal corrosion protection on a potable split case pump, which had been in operation for several years.

Upon inspection by Alhuda Corrosion Treatments (our partners in Qatar), substantial corrosion was found on the internal pump body, alongside general pitting and metal erosion. In order to repair and extend the life of the pump, Alhuda Corrosion started by abrasive blasting the internal pump surface. Chloride testing was conducted before and after the blasting  process to ensure that the salt water levels met the required low specification in the substrate, ahead of application.

Corroglass Lamination Resin 600 and multi axial fibre cloth was applied on the pitted and eroded areas, reconstructing and restoring them back to the original size and shape. Upon completion of the lamination process, Polyglass VEF was applied by air less spray to 1000 micron, on the internal surface of the pump. Polyglass VEF is suitable for many chemical environments within the full pH range. A quality control thickness check was carried out to ensure compliance to the written specification, and coating integrity was assured by a high voltage holiday test.

Polyglass VEF will protect the cast iron substrate and offer good resistance to abrasion for many years, considerably extending the service life of the pump.

Corrosion Protection for Qatars Sole Electricity and Water Distributor

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