Corrosion Protection for Concrete Floor

Posted On : Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 in News

The largest oil services company in Kuwait, recently contacted our partners in Kuwait, Aja Technological Solutions Co. to provide long term protection to the floor of a containment area, spanning 500m².

Over the years the concrete floor had continued to suffer corrosion as a result of raw hydrochloric acid spills. To try and rectify the issue, the client would constantly re-concrete the floor, which proved both ineffective and extremely costly.

Four applicators from the team in Kuwait completed the project in 24 days; preparing and coating a concrete floor which had been laid 28 days prior to work commencing.  Initially, the surface was abrasive blasted to remove surface laitance or weak frangible material. Following the removal of dust and debris and a thorough vacuum cleaning, the prepared concrete was then primed with Polyglass PPA, which was used as a penetrating primer and to strengthen the immediate top layer.

Kuwait - concrete floor - 1

The team then applied a Corrocoat laminating system, prior to the application of Polyglass Standard, to 1500 microns.

Throughout this project the team faced numerous challenges. As the project was undertaken in an open space, considerations and allowances for changing weather were factored in. On alternative days, the team were required to provide a cover for the area, to protect the concrete from absorbing water. Also, as the project was conducted in the South of Kuwait, surrounded by desert, there were also considerations regarding the 40°C summer heat, towards the final stages of the project.

Kuwait - concrete floor repair- 2

The client was extremely satisfied with the solution provided and the guarantee of long-term cost-effective protection.

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