Corrosion Protection for Chemical Storage Tank Internals

Posted On : Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 in News

Our partners in the Czech Republic, Corrotech, recently completed a project at a Power Generation Plant, repairing and protecting the internals of a chemical storage tank.

The 960m² tank (12.5m diameter x 15m height), stored limestone slurry. The previously applied coating was extremely porous and had been poorly applied, which resulted in pitting on the carbon steel substrate. The client turned to Corrotech to provide a coating which would offer long term corrosion protection.

Corrosion chemical storage tank internal

Undergoing the project in Winter, temperature regulating and dehumi equipment was required for blasting, and throughout all of the coating application. The team spent 72 days completing the work carrying out the following:

  • Removing sediments and the previous coating.
  • Decontaminating soluble salts from the surface.
  • Preparing the surface to ISO 8501-1 with cleanliness Sa 2½ near to Sa 3.
  • Applying Polyglass PPA (as a primer) via airless spray application.
  • Applying Corrofill VE to fill in the pitted areas
  • Applying lamination layer L600 + Fiberglass Cloth 600 g/m² to the tank floor and 1m of the shell wall.
  • Applying Polyglass VEF as a corrosion barrier.
  • Quality assurance as per designed Inspection and Test Plan (DFT Test, Holiday Detection Test, Pull-off Test).

Corrosion chemical storage - corrosion protection - Corrotech

The client was extremely satisfied with the end results and the way in which the project was undertaken, as well as being very impressed with the full turnkey solution which was provided.

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