Corrocoat USA & Partners from Vietnam Visit Head Office

Posted On : Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 in News

We recently welcomed Superintendent, Ryan Robertson (Corrocoat USA), Development Manager, Nguyen Minh Hieu and Tran Quang Phuc, Commercial and Services Department Manager (both from Vietnam Gre-Coating Engineering Services JSC), to the Corrocoat UK Head office. The trio were trained in our Composite Structural Rehabilitation System; which uses a combination of specialised laminating resins, interlayered with glass reinforced polymers (GRP) composite laminates to give structural strength to corrosion damaged pipework, and other damaged plant and machinery.


Whilst visiting the UK Head Office, the trio embarked on a full and comprehensive 2 weeks of training. Overseen by our Technical Services Engineer, Douglas Lynch, their visit started with advanced theory-based training, offering a deeper insight in to corrosion, service environments, product specifications and more. They then moved on to practical training, working on a number of projects in the coating and engineering workshop, overseen by Douglas and guided by Engineering Supervisor, Warren Marks – who has been part of the team here at Corrocoat, for almost 30 years.


                                                       Warren Marks showing how to strip down a large bore valve

Warren Marks showing how to strip down a large bore valve.


From disassembling and working on the refurbishment of a large valve, to pipe casting, specialist coating techniques; including spraying and flood and drain, the delegates worked on a number of projects with our expert in-house team.


                                     Douglas carrying out pipework training

 Douglas carrying out pipework training


Douglas also took Ryan, Hieu and Phuc through their Composite Structural Rehabilitation (CSR) training, whilst Engineering Manager, Simon Cappleman carried out specialist pump training and showcased the intricacies of our in-house pump division and specialist proprietary Agmec Pipe spraying equipment.

The visit concluded with Ryan, Hieu and Phuc being presented with their certificates upon successful completion of their training.

Douglas said; “It was a pleasure training Ryan, Hieu and Phuc and I wish them continued success in their roles. I look forward to staying in touch with them and being updated on how their training at head office enhances them in their roles, and they pass on their knowledge to benefit our operations overseas.”

                                            Phuc, Hieu and Ryan with their certificates and Douglas

From left to right: Phuc, Hieu, Douglas and Ryan.


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