Agitated Nutsche Filter (ANF) Repair

Posted On : Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 in News

Long-Term Protection Against Chemical Attack & Erosion

In chemical manufacturing processes, Agitated Nutsche Filters (ANF) are essential equipment for the separation and filtration of solid and liquid components. However, the corrosive nature of the chemical process liquids can pose a challenge to the ANFs, leading to degradation and equipment failure.

A renowned chemical manufacturing company in Maharashtra, India, approached Kirloskar Corrocoat Private Ltd, our partners in India, to provide long term protection against chemical attack and erosion for two ANFs. Each one measured 3m in diameter by 2.25m, and included accompanying components; the vessels, agitators, mesh plates and bottoms.

Due to the size of the ANFs, the project was completed on-site, with the team first dismantling them. The internals were grit blasted to ISO 8501 cleanliness standard Sa2½ and Polyglass PPV was then applied as a holding primer, with a top coat of Polyglass VE. Polyglass VE is perfect for immersion environments where superior resistance to chemical attack is required – this was critical for the longevity of the ANFs, in their corrosive service environment.

The team reassembled the ANFs and they are now fully operational.

Agitator Nutsche Filter before and after

                       Agitated Nutsche Filter before repair                          Agitated Nutsche Filter following repair

                                     Agitator Blades and outer pipes

                             Agitator Blades before repair                                       Agitator Blades following repair

                                  Filter bed bottom plates and top and bottom surface

                Filter Bed Bottom Plates before repair                                   Tom and Bottom surface after repair


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