Case Study

Supply of 6,000 Gallons of Coating for Sour Crude Oil Tank Lining

Corrocoat USA and Corrocoat Ltd recently joined forces to supply over 6,000 gallons of our high performance protective coating, Polyglass VEF in combination with bespoke lamination technology, for the internal lining of a 250ft diameter crude oil storage tank. The client – a large oil refinery in the US, were in desperate need of a vinyl ester lining to replace the existing fibreglass coating. This had failed an inspection carried out in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines. The client turned to Corrocoat USA to provide the material required to reline and protect the tank floor against future corrosion. Corrocoat USA were able to manufacture and deliver a significant portion of the product to the client. However, due to the time constraints, Corrocoat UK were also asked to arrange production and international delivery of the remaining 4,500 gallons of product required (this also included Corrocoat’s Corrofill VE and Polyglass PPV). The logistical requirements were not insignificant and both companies relished the challenges this caused. Product supplied from the UK needed to travel by airfreight, at a time where securing cargo space was at a premium. Sour Crude Oil Tank Lining   “This order was a major undertaking for both Corrocoat Ltd and Corrocoat USA. There were numerous challenges we faced in terms of the supply, manufacture and shipping of the product, but I’m pleased to say as a result of our hard work and commitment the order was successfully fulfilled, within the time constraints. We have a great international network and work very closely with our licensed partners to deliver our industry leading extra-durable, corrosion protection products worldwide. It was a pleasure to work with Corrocoat USA on this order, and a great and very rewarding team effort.”  Marta Krause, Corrocoat Ltd Shipping Manger Following the supply of the Corrocoat products, the tank floor was successfully lined and has an expected life of more than 25 years. Incredibly impressed with the service, as well as the product, the client has an ongoing contract with Corrocoat USA for the manufacture and supply of products for future projects. “The client was extremely impressed with the whole experience. To say that we exceeded their expectations is an understatement. The client informed me that they originally thought there was no way we would achieve what we promised, and had already prepared the organization to forgo more than $10 Million per day in lost production.” Josh Tankersley, Corrocoat USA General Manager

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