Case Study

Separator Vessel in Excellent Condition Following 14 Years in Service


Occidental (now Talisman).


Scope of Work

Planned inspection of existing equipment as part of an extensive upgrade programme.

The residuals separator vessel was originally lined in 1992 using Polyglass VEF, and has operated continuously in a sour crude environment at temperatures of 71ºC at a pressure of 14 bar.



Polyglass VEF.



Carbon steel with stainless steel brackets and fittings.


Inspection Report  

The coating was in excellent condition. It was free from blisters and integrally sound. There were a small number of mechanical defects, particularly in the manway area. It was assumed these were cause during the inspection/cleanout. Minor repairs were executed to these areas by the Corrocoat application team. Full spark testing was carried out prior to the vessel being returned to service.



Residuals separator general view - Sand jet pipework - Residuals separator, internal furniture. (Note: this picture shows no undercutting or delamination from the exposed edge).

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