Case Study

Protective Coating of Seawater Strainer Vessel and Lids

Corroglass 600

A newly fabricated seawater strainer vessel and covers, required corrosion protection before installation in a cooling system carrying seawater on an FPSO vessel. All machined surfaces were masked prior to abrasive blasting followed by a blow down, sweep and vacuum to completely remove dust. Corroglass 600 was then applied, in multiple coats, to achieve the desired dft. Once cured all surface protection was removed, edges dressed and a full visual inspection completed. Thickness testing and spark testing was also completed to ensure the quality of the finished coating system. The team chose to use Corroglass 600 as it has excellent resistant to solvents, acids and seawater, providing undercutting resistance and sliding abrasion resistance. The finished coating system will significantly extend the service life of the strainer vessel treated.

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