Case Study

Corrosion Repair and Protection for 15″ Pipespool

Internal Corrosion Protection using Corrocoat EB.



Leading Energy Supplier, UK.  

Application Date

May 2023  

Scope of Work

Internal corrosion protection was required for a 15” pipespool. The client advised us that the pipespool resides on top of a return puddle pipe at the end of a cooling system, and for 98% of its service, minimal amounts of sea water flow, return through the small tie in on the side.  


Corrocoat EB.  

Coating System

1. Abrasive blasted the internal surfaces with new abrasive in accordance with ISO 8501-1 to Sa2½ surface finish, to achieve a minimum surface profile of 50 microns. 2. Completed a final blow down, sweep and vacuum clean thoroughly, where required to remove dust. 3. Applied Corrocoat EB series, to achieve the minimum DFT of 2000 microns. 4. Spark tested following adequate cure of the coating. 5. Carried out appropriate thickness checks. 6. Once cured, removed surface protection, dress edges and completed 100% visual inspection. 7. Flash blasted the external surfaces and applied a topcoat of Quick Drying Enamel. 8. Packed and prepared for dispatch.  

Coating System

Corrocoat EB: A solvent- free, two pack epoxy coating with excellent erosion resistance, toughness and outstanding anti-corrosive properties. Ideally suited for brush application to areas subjected to sea-water or other aqueous immersion. The coating also possesses good chemical resistance and when used at over 2mm thickness is cavitation resistant.

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