Case Study

Repair & Coat Pump Impeller Experiencing Erosion Corrosion


Waste Water Treatment plant, UK.

Application date

July 2021.

Scope of work

Repair and coat damaged areas of main cooling water pump impeller, which experienced erosion corrosion as a result of its normal every day use.


Corroglass 600 series: A two pack cold cured vinyl ester glass flake.



Coating system

• Grit blast to ISO 8501-1 SA 21/2. • Corroglass 600 series hand applied, with relative humidity <85% and steel temperature 30oC or greater than moisture dew point, to achieve a minimum of 1500 microns DFT. * For corrosion protection, thickness is normally 750 microns DFT average. For areas with increased wear, thickness is increased to 1500 microns*

Coating credentials

Corroglass 600 series was selected due to its excellent performance properties in immersed environments. Due to the glassflake components in the coating, it also has superb resistance to solvents, acids and de-mineralised water and great flexibility undercutting resistance - which is ideal for this particular impeller as it operates in an environment amongst cool, clean water.   [gravityform id="1" title="true" description="true"]

Repair & Coat Pump Impeller Experiencing Erosion Corrosion

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