Case Study

Refurbishment of Volute Pump Casing

Volute Casing Refurbishment

Corrocoat coatings were used in the recent refurbishment and coating of a volute pump casing for a leader in the forest-based bio-industry. The desired outcome being excellent abrasive resistance.

The Solution

The volute pump casing was rebated and pre-machined to accommodate the coating process, the pump was grit-blasted to ISO8501-1 internals and wetted areas to SA2½. Multiple coats of Plasmet HTE were applied to achieve a minimum dry film thickness of 2.0mm. Plasmet HTE is a solvent free, amine cured epoxy, containing stainless steel flakes and silicone carbide that gives excellent abrasion resistance in immersed environments. Plasmet HTE has been used in cyclones, chemical  process vessels and sugar beet pumping drums amongst other applications. The images show the volute pump on arrival at the Leeds workshop and after complete refurbishment.

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