Case Study

Refurbishment and Protection of Raw Water Pump

250/400 Centrifugal Pump


Power Station


Scope of Work 

A raw water pump in service at a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station required a programme of refurbishment and corrosion protection, in order to prolong its service life.



Plasmet HTE

Plasmet ZF


Coating System

The pump was stripped down and both the casing and impeller were abrasive blasted to the required cleanliness standards, before the casing was pre-machined to accommodate the coating process. Plasmet HTE was then applied to all internals, 2mm on the casing and 1.5mm of the impeller. Theses items were thickness and spark tested to 27Kv and 17KV respectively to check for holidays.

During the refurbishment process, bearing and gasket seals were replaced and the impeller was dynamically balanced, before the pump was reassembled for dispatch and re-installation, fully protected against corrosive seawater.


Coating Credentials 

Plasmet HTE: Plasmet HTE is ideal for areas requiring abrasion (and chemical) resistance. This material has been used in cyclones, chemical process vessels, sugar beet pulping drums etc. It is also useful for building up damaged areas of pump impellers and casings where impact or abrasion, are prevalent.

Pump on arrival at workshop

Completed pump casing reassembled after coating, before impeller re-fitted

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