Case Study

Protection from Seawater for Pump Casing

Fluiglide: 16/14 HSC Pump Casing



Power Industry, UK.


Scope of Work 

A 16/14 HSC pump was suffering severe internal corrosion due to salt water service and required refurbishment and ongoing corrosion protection. As well as protection against corrosion, the client also wanted to achieve an increase in the pumps operating efficiency.



Fluiglide: Fluiglide was developed to reduce fluid friction, thus improving flow and efficiency. Fluiglide ‘E’ can be used in conditions where light abrasion or solids are encountered. Fluiglide also provides an effective corrosion barrier, preventing early fall-off in performance due to the formation of surface corrosion.


Coating System

The internal surface was abrasive blasted to Sa2½ and thoroughly cleaned down to remove dust and debris. A first coat of Polyglass VEF was applied to a DFT of 800µm and when cured, a top coat of Fluiglide friction reducing coating was applied to a final DFT of 1250µm.


Coating Credentials 

The use of the Fluiglide system adds further efficiency increases over that gained by an engineering overhaul and refurbishment. As a result the pump operator will see significant energy cost reductions whilst operating. As a result the customer can expect a fast pay back of their initial investment. This once again reiterates the importance of considering repair and refurbishment of equipment, as opposed to replacing damaged equipment for new.

In order to provide all round protection the external surfaces of the pipes were coated with Plasmet ZF, a surface tolerant coating, before a final coat of enamel was applied.


Pump Casing on arrival at workshop

Post abrasive blasting - First coat of of Polyglass VEF - Top coat of Fluiglide

Internal lining - Externals coated with Plasmet ZF and top coat of enamel

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