Case Study

Protection for Pump Submerged in Effluent


Food Manufacturer, UK.


Scope of Work

A Verderhus screw channel submersible pump required corrosion protection due to service in an aggressive environment. Subject to constant submersion in effluent produced at a food processing plant the pump was showing signs of corrosion on the external surfaces.



Polyglass VEF.


Scope of Work

Polyglass VEF is suitable for immersion environments where superior resistance to chemical attack is required within the full pH range. It also has excellent resistance to demineralised water and many solvents. The specialist coating will provide excellent ongoing corrosion protection for the pump and will ensure an extended service life in such an aggressive environment.

1. On arrival at workshop 2. Post Abrasive Blasting 3. Coated with Polyglass VEF

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