Case Study

Protection for Chemical Storage Tanks


Petrochemical industry, South Africa.


Application Date 



Scope of Work 

Corrosion protection of chemical storage tanks where previous linings had failed.



Corroglass AR4 system.



Stainless steel.


Coating System

• Grit blasted to ISO Sa 2½

• Application of first coat of Corroglass AR4 was applied, followed by a 2nd build coat to the required DFT.

• Coating was then spark tested and a third build coat applied.

• Second spark test was followed by application of the Veilcoat and post curing.

• Airless spray and hand application.

• Spark tested.

• Applied Veilcoat.


Coating Credentials 

As the portafeeds are constantly on the move, they are subject to mechanical damage, which makes difficult to estimate the life expectancy of the coating. However, the customer remains more than satisfied with the significant increases achieved, and Corrocoat has now lined more than 300 units using this process.

Portafeed - before and after protection - lining with Corroglass AR4

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