Case Study

Polyglass PPA and VEF Extend Working Life of ED Coating Tank

The Industry


The Challenge

A leading automotive manufacturing company contracted Corrocoat Benelux to clean and protect the internal surfaces of an electro-deposition (ED) coating  tank to extend its working life. Using a combination of dip and spray, ED coating plants are used extensively throughout the automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. In ED systems, electrically charged paint pigments reach every nook and cranny of even the most complex fabrication providing an even coating throughout. Undeposited material is washed away and after stoving the final coating becomes hard and durable. The tank must always be kept in a very clean condition, free from erosion and corrosion which could affect the quality of the finished component. Corrocoat Benelux was contracted to carry out the cleaning and coating using Corrocoat materials approved by leading ED coating suppliers.

The Solution

The contract included: blast cleaning all surfaces to cleanliness standard SA 2½ before applying Polyglass PPA primer, DFT 50-100 microns. This was followed by two coats of Polyglass VEF to a minimum total of DFT 1500 microns. Once cured the coating thickness was spark tested to ensure a pin-hole free surface before a final topcoat of white VE Veilcoat applied to a DFT 100-300 microns.

Results & Benefits

As with many automotive production plants, disruption to production had to be kept to a minimum so the work was completed in a planned outage. By using standard Corrocoat products the tank surface will now withstand minor chemical attack and require inspection just once a year.


The Polyglass VEF/VE Veilcoat system is approved by two major EC Dip Coating Suppliers – BASF and PPG and as a result leading automotive manufacturers now usually only invite tenders from applicators using Corrocoat systems. As one of the world’s leading names in anti-corrosion technology, for over 40 years Corrocoat products have proved themselves throughout engineering and manufacturing markets, negating the effects of corrosion and abrasion damage on a wide range of plant and components.

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