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On Site Turbine Cleaning & Surface Preparation

We appreciate that in certain industries it is vital that high quality blast cleaning of key components be carried out quickly and efficiently to ensure that they are reinstalled swiftly to minimise costly downtime also eradicating transport costs and external processing, and risks associated with critical plant leaving site. Environmental regulations exclude abrasive blasting in the open, as well as the risk of inclement weather affecting quality and production rates. Maintaining favourable dew point temperatures to extend the time blast cleanliness is maintained is also beneficial. Corrocoat now has a solution by providing clients with an efficient on-site grit blast cleaning and surface preparation service, using one of our specially modified and equipped shipping containers. Based on Hi-cube 6m and 12m long shipping containers, our fully equipped grit blasting containers can be transported easily to site, connected to a compressed air and electrical supply and in a very short time our fully-trained operators are ready to start grit blasting in an efficient and tightly controlled manner. Fully weatherproofed, each Corroserve grit blasting container is supplied complete with an automatic abrasive recovery and recycling system and uprated reverse pulse jet dust extractor unit. They are lined with shot blast quality rubber and have a series of high intensity, roof-mounted LED lights to provide excellent illumination, a separate plant room, with all access doors interlocked and are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and PPE. Although specified primarily for use with fine grade aluminium oxide abrasive for the onsite cleaning of power generation turbine parts, the efficient bucket elevator/air wash abrasive recovery system ensures this facility can operate efficiently with many types of media, even when larger surface profiles are required for more traditional surface preparation prior to applying heavy duty protective coatings. These units are therefore able to tackle all surface preparation and cleaning processes including grit and shot blasting, bead blasting and plastic media stripping. The high cube design allows for a greater headroom for loading/unloading and additionally the 12m unit has been fabricated with two 2.5 metre side doors allowing ease of access for the largest of components.

Turbine Blast Cleaning

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