Case Study

Sub-contracting for World Leader Solutions Providing Total Solutions to the Offshore, Marine and Energy Industries.

A world leader in providing solutions for offshore, marine, and energy industries recently subcontracted our partners in Singapore to repair numerous pieces of equipment as part of a comprehensive repair and upgrade for a marine vessel.


The team commenced by replacing the existing rubber lining on a 14.1-meter main condenser scoop pipe with a diameter of 1.8 meters. Additionally, a sea-water intake and a sea chest strainer were completed using Polyglass Standard. The pipe repair took the team 3 full days, including 2 overnight shifts, while the strainer repair required 3 days.


Main condenser scoop pipe                                                                               Sea Chest strainer

Another project involved mechanical repair and application of a protective coating on a marine growth preventive system tank. Once again, Polyglass Standard was selected for its exceptional performance in immersion environments, including marine and aqueous conditions.

All projects were completed safely within the customer’s required timeframe and to the desired quality standard.

Marine Energy Services

A protective coating on a marine growth preventive system tank

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